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Nightmare, feat. Blaze Bayley - UFO Crew Only

Nightmare, feat. Blaze Bayley - UFO Crew Only

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🤯This song BLEW my mind when Blaze and Chris finished with it!!

Get yer stuff – we’re flying to the planet Romulus🪐 Why?? Because it’s a nightmare planet – a fitting area for my space cowboy song, Nightmare featuring Blaze Bayley of Iron Maiden and Wolfsbane and his amazing guitarist Chris Appleton.

Some call me da Space Cowboy, some call me da King of Crossovers😜 The first crossover on this album was the Ballad of Serenity featuring Star Trek’s Robert Picardo. This tune, Nightmare, is my next crossover – heavy metal n' country... Iron Maiden and the Space Cowboy!🤘🤠

Here's what ya get:

  • No, it's not sold out! This shiny deal is ONLY available to UFO Crew members - you MUST join to get access!
  • Your choice of MP3 or WAV format
  • A trip across the 'verse with the official music video download!
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes video for Nightmare
  • Instant access to the entire Alien Country discography
  • Be a proud supporter of the NEW music industry and a DIY musician
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