Welcome Wagon


Welcome! A big YEEHAW from me to you!

I’m Liam Marcus, a sci-fi redneck straight out of the Pleiades System with my backwoods nebula sounds. Join me as I blast off past Orion’s belt buckle with my twangy hits famous across galaxies far and wide!

I inject traditional country music with reckless fun in a rockin’ hoedown. Interacting with ya in a personal way is a big part of how I like to run my music business. Folks have been saying for ages the music industry is dead or dying since Napster and streaming joined the rodeo, but not this space cowboy! I love geekin out over new technology, and the internet is nothing short of incredible because it let’s you and me connect in ways that were never possible before.

As a little fella I used to dream of meeting my music heroes. That's why I created a fun Facebook group called Sci-fi, Music & Country Life. I’d love to hang out with ya there! We swap redneck jokes, share music stuff and get nerdy about science fiction together. C’mon down and join us now, ya hear?

I also want ya to know that when you shop my Alien Country Store, it helps me to keep making music. Know that your support is actually helping to keep the independent music scene alive!

I get a thrill out of expanding my music brand beyond just music. Kick-butt country rock is only the beginning! Country pride and exploring new frontiers is a way of livin. It feels good to escape the matrix in little ways every day. Adding things like great t-shirts, exclusive wall art, and epic coolers to our lives keeps us happy as a pig in the mud and true to our inner selves!

I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve your experience on my website and my country store, so if ya ever have any suggestions - either to improve things, or ideas for new stuff, you go on and shoot me an email at CustomerSupport@AlienCountry.org!

And please have FUN with the deals you score here! 

Thanks again for being a part of this amazing posse!