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Mentor Program

Mentor Program

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Are you looking to take your  business to the next level, but unsure how to get there?

Are you looking for expert feedback or advice on where to go next?

Do you need a holistic approach that gives you the tools AND the motivation to succeed?

Are you tired of one-size-fits-all programs?

If you said YES to any one of these questions, then you’re qualified to be here. Liam & his wife, Megan, are offering an extension of Alien Country with their sister company, Aspiring Musician Studio. They have solutions for people of all skill levels (from beginners to seasoned experts) and any business type - from selling socks to promoting your own music.

Do you wish you had somebody who knows you and your business inside and out? A motivator who can tell you exactly what to do next? Maybe you’d like an expert who’s willing to walk you through intimidating processes – even hold your hand. You've come to the right place.

WARNING: Our Mentor Program isn’t for everyone. Only come onboard if you’re ready to smash through your existing barriers, and you’re determined to have a breakthrough into long-term, sustainable success. We only accept a handful of students each year so space is very limited.

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Business Mentor Package: Are you determined to succeed? If not, you WILL be! Megan will show you how to launch your business or help you move your established business in exciting directions. She will help  you find the weak spots and transform your business into a sustainable money-making machine.

Like the name suggests, this is mentoring, not a one-size-fits-all course from a can. Megan’s methods work for all business types, but she specializes in helping independent musicians. She’s the mastermind behind Alien Country’s successful indie music business.

  • One-on-one, online sessions according to your schedule
  • Personal attention! You get solutions for your needs, not one-size-fits-all advice from a can.

Virtual Assistant Package: Megan is your new right hand! She helps you with all the grunt work. From writing your marketing emails all the way to setting up shipping rates for your online store. You name it, she can do it - even make your music videos!

Music Mentor Program: Choose your weapon! Liam offers lessons for guitar, bass guitar, singing, piano, audio mixing/mastering, music composition & music theory for all genres. Working with Liam will be a unique experience you’ve never encountered before.

Like the name suggests, this is mentoring. Instead of mere music lessons, you will master your instrument, conquer your mindset and get the motivation (kick in the pants) you need. Liam holds a Master’s Degree (Jedi Master?!) and has been coaching for over 25 years. He’s also the multi-instrumentalist behind the successful band, Alien Country.

  • Liam offers one-on-one, online sessions according to your schedule

Music + Business Coaching Package: The whole enchilada! Liam and Megan work together as your personal team. You get the best of both worlds to launch yourself into a level you've only dreamed of achieving before.

  • Liam & Megan offer one-on-one, online sessions according to your schedule

All Packages Include:

  • Personal attention! You get solutions for your needs, not one-size-fits-all advice from a can.
  • Online Success Sessions via Zoom or Google Meet
  • Tools + Motivation – Anyone can tell you to do step A or B, but only WE combine the right tools at the right time AND help you get your mind right!
  • Access to the AMS Community – A private Facebook group exclusively for Aspiring Musician Studio students. You get a place where you can connect with like-minded colleagues and get advice or answers from each other as well as from Liam & Megan.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
affordable and amazing!

I've gotten amazing help from Megan with my music marketing, more one-on-one help with running ads, and understanding the changing times with facebook. A great affordable hands-on coach!

Lindsay Schoolcraft
Highly recommend!

Best out there! Was extremely helpful for my mindset and with all my digital marketing needs. Highly recommend!

Sharon Knight
took it to the next level!

Megan is fantastic! She helped me level up my Facebook ads strategy in record speed. Even though I had run Facebook ads in the past, Megan took it to the next level. She is smart, helpful, and knows her stuff. I will definitely be working with her again!

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