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Red Planet Transporter Mug

Red Planet Transporter Mug

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Every starship worth its salt has coffee or tea (Earl Grey, hot). Enjoy yours with an Alien Country Transporter Mug!

Add hot liquid and watch it transport you to Alien Country planet! The black mug will slowly reveal the Alien Country artwork in about 30 seconds... and keep your ship on course!

Though first appearing to be an ordinary black mug, when hot liquid is added, a special thermal coating reveals the Alien Country planet!

  • Make your friends envious because this ain't sold in stores!
  • Indisputable proof of your great taste in music AND drinks
  • Unique Alien Country album artwork designed by the legendary Hugh Syme
  • Be a proud supporter of a DIY musician in the new music industry!
  • 15 oz of awesomeness
  • Ceramic
  • Hand washing recommended to preserve the special thermal coating
  • Microwave safe

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to say, "Howdy!" give me and my team a shout at

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Customer Reviews

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Liam of Alien Country
Super cool mug, you’re gonna love it!

My tribbles and I love watching the planet appear and making Star Trek transporter noises or trying to mimic the TARDIS whooshing sound. This ain’t no dinky cup either, it’s the right size for a big dose of caffeine. Enjoy!


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