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Like My Life Depends On It CD (Physical) - Limited Edition

Like My Life Depends On It CD (Physical) - Limited Edition

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Collectors rejoice! This limited edition of Alien Country's debut album is your ticket to a world only a select few can enjoy, it's the perfect addition to your hardcore collection.

With a strong traditional country connection, rock n’ roll elements, and sci-fi ambiance, this is an album Liam is very proud to present.

The concept for "Like My Life Depends On It" is very simple: we're all on an adventure in this universe, and sometimes find ourselves facing challenges. There are uncharted star systems, treasures, aliens, space pirates, and unexpected events that send us off course. Through it all, we must grow in wisdom and experience, delight in new frontiers, and sometimes our lives depend on it.

  • Limited Edition CD, only 100 in existence!
  • Autographed copies available (a warrior's choice)
  • Cover artwork designed by Liam, himself
  • 13 fully-mastered songs
  • Eco-friendly slip cover case & CD
  • Lots of awesomeness!
  • Be a proud supporter of a DIY musician in the new music industry


  • Liam Marcus Torres - original music, lead vocals, guitar, bass, violin, ukulele
  • Hugh Syme - Art Director for The Band, Rush, and more
  • Megan Torres - drums
  • Many talented guest artists, listed on CD credits


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    Customer Reviews

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    Jessica H
    Every single song is good.

    I really dig your music. I dig how the form of the songs are so unpredictable, yet super catchy. It's very different. Your songs are entirely wonderful. Every single song is good.

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