Donation for Freedom

Donation for Freedom

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Recommended donation amount = something will go a long way to ensuring that this matter get tried to its conclusion, which will may very well be a ruling by Jury.

🥺We've been pulled into a battle with no end in sight💩

The County 🤯 which presumes control over a certain territory, has open the gateways to a battle that's going to take months to resolve.

😮‍💨😮‍💨Notices have been submitted, but only one side seems to have control over the entire situation together with the court - one and the same when dealing with the presumptions of administrative law.

The thing is that they are coming after the wrong party to the suit. Why? You may ask. Because they don't want someone like me defending.

Yes, you guest it. They are coming after someone else so I can - indirectly, give in to their baseless demands.

Would you donate a few for the occasion of us fighting against the perpetrators of violations of rights of self-determination, Bill of Rights IV, amongst other issues the County has perpetrated, which includes a Section 1983, Defamation, Section 241 and 242. 😱

We rather see a peaceful 🙃 conclusion  to the subject matter, but some so-called public officials are too stubborn to give up their malfeasance, misfeasance, terror by use of power, coercion, intimidation. It's like we are in the middle of....

Thank you in advance for your donation.



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