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If you’re interested in becoming an ALIEN COUNTRY MUSIC PARDNER, I give you my deep thanks. Here's your next steps:

  1. Select the amount you would like to contribute each month
  2. Checkout
  3. Look for a welcome email from me in yer inbox. I’ll make sure ya know how to access all the exclusive benefits that come along with your partnership. (Hint: Check your spam folder too)
  4. Shazam! It's that easy!

My mission is to explore new frontiers of country music – with you. Together, we’ll break barriers and terraform exciting alien worlds.

You and me. United in our mission.

I’ve begun to realize that there are many friends and fans around the world who not only resonate with my music and my message, but who want to help me continue to create fresh new music! As an artist, it’s mind-boggling to find out that my music is making a difference in people’s lives, whether modest or profound. It’s a humbling experience.

A captain is only as great as his crew. You honor me when you choose to traverse the unchartered frontiers of music and artist-fan relationship.

To do justice to my loyal crew and our bond together, I’ve created an exclusive community called, ALIEN COUNTRY MUSIC PARDNERS! This is where my friends and fans transcend traditional boundaries to become my partners to help me record new music. I invite YOU to join my elite crew!

After you join, you’ll get instant access to a whole herd of great perks and bonuses.

Partnering with me is a straight shootin’ process: you can choose to contribute any amount from $5/month – and up. After ya go through the sign-up process, I’ll send you a “WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY” email loaded with swag! Then, I get a notification that you’ve joined, jump and shout “YEEHAW!” and the fun begins!

From that point on, you’ll get a new, unreleased song every month - before the general public gets it. I’ll also make sure ya get the inside scoop when me and my guest stars (like Star Trek’s Robert Picardo & Blaze Bayley of Iron Maiden) go into the studio, and you’ll get to watch raw, uncut footage of us making the songs that YOU are helping us to record!

That means you get it all first. Guaranteed. I’ve decided to break away from the tradition of releasing music in a single dump. Why? Because it’s the old way of doing thangs, and it just ain’t sustainable. In the past, record labels with deep pockets paid tens of thousands of dollars to record the music, then put it on a record/CD to sell. I’m just a DIY country boy. I don’t have that kind of moola to pay up front, ya know?

That’s where you come in. Together we create a win-win situation. You become directly responsible for generating new music. You breathe life into the art you love.

So you get my new album (guest starring Star Trek’s Robert Picardo & Blaze Bayley of Iron Maiden) AND I wanna give ya all the fun perks listed below! Every active ALIEN COUNTRY MUSIC PARDNER will receive:

  • My ENTIRE song catalog! That includes: my debut album, the upcoming album (guest starring Star Trek’s Robert Picardo & Blaze Bayley of Iron Maiden) NOT currently available to the public, every new song on future albums, aaaaaand two songs never released anywhere – yeehaw!
  • Downloadable Alien Country artwork by the famous Hugh Syme!
  • Access to my PRIVATE Facebook Group named (can ya guess??) Alien Country Music Pardners – where ya get exclusive content + monthly mini-concert on Facebook Live.
  • Sneak peeks of new songs before I record ‘em!
  • Invitations to private “Listening Parties", where you'll hang out with me like we’re in Ten Forward onboard the USS Enterprise, and get to hear some of my new songs and the stories behind them.
  • 10% off ANYTHING in my outer space yard sale, forever!
  • The honor of seeing YOUR name in the credits of my next album. After you get the songs first, I’ll put them all on CD and vinyl and release to the general public. Then the whole world will see your name printed on the jackets!
  • Exclusive links to rare footage of my past performances in a METAL band - wow!
  • You get the immense satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting real country music in a sustainable way - not letting your money get assimilated into the Borg (aka Amazon and iTunes and corporate record labels)
  • If you choose the rank of Lieutenant or higher, you get each new album first and free (before the rest of the world) shipped to your door!

You and me. United in our mission. Will you do me the honor of joining my elite crew?